Septic Tank

The Nabridas septic tank offers a dependable solution for homes or buildings without access to mains sewer lines. Built from UV stabilized polyethylene, it’s designed for underground drainage and sewerage systems.      

Nabridas septic tank is used where a building, a house or a development can not be connected to the mains sewer line as it is too difficult for access or inexistent. Nabridas septic tank is made of UV stabilized polyethylene (PE) material and
it is intended for use in underground drainage and sewerage systems. It can be installed in both traffic areas and non traffic areas. The ribs on the septic tank have been carefully designed to provide extra strength to the product and to allow for installation without concrete backfilling and/or walls.
Units are available in several capacities suitable for applications from a single household to a large industrial or commercial complex.

• High quality industrial strength design
• Robust construction for challenging site conditions
• Can be installed on or off road
• Unique cylindrical design for strength and reduced excavation depth



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