Vertical Tank

Nabridas Water Tank is a mono-block structure made of virgin polyethylene material, available in eight sizes (500L / 750L / 1000L / 1500L / 2000L / 4000L / 6500L / 9000L) and is intended for potable water storage.          

It has a unique and innovative structural design with a corrugated wall construction that offers superior sunlight/heat insulation, rigidity, impact strength and durability.
Nabridas water tanks are optimal for potable water storage with enhanced water temperature control and hygiene. The Nabridas Water Tanks are manufactured in single layer, color white.


• Does not promote algae growth by blocking out sunlight. Independently tested by University of Mauritius for blocking of visible light transmission.
• Excellent rigidity and toughness with enhanced outdoor performance with proven UV stabilized PE material.
• No pigment wipe off. No water contamination.
• Fitting accessories intended for use with the water tank are compatible with the above mentioned standards.




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