Gully Trap

A Gully Trap is a device which is buried in the ground to collect wastewater from your bathroom, and laundry through piped connections, effectively channeling it into the absorption bit. The top part of the gully help to drain water from the ground.          

The basin has a water seal to prevent foul odours of the sewer reaching the surface. The top or surround is raised above ground level to prevent rainwater and other foreign matter entering the sewer.

Nabridas Z Gully Trap is manufactured according to BS 4660:2000 with high quality 100% virgin UV stabilized polyethylene (PE) raw material is used to make this unique and versatile product. 

Connections : 

Inlet connection pipes from DN 25 up to DN 110 can be connected on all four sides. 

Standard : 

BS 4660: 2000 (MSB Tested) 





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