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GRP Waterproofing

 The GRP waterproofing system is considered one of the most popular, robust and sought after waterproofing systems. It is a system that consists of the application of 3 layers of fiber glass mat and polyester resin on concrete roofs or existing membranes. 

This system is called “cool roofing”, because of its thermo-reflective properties, blocks solar radiation and therefore cools the interior of buildings, protects the roof from thermal shock and extends the life of the roof. It thus saves energy.

In addition, its installation does not require complicated tools. Nabridas technicians are well trained to apply this method professionally using high quality waterproof components.


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Lifespan: Because of its high resistance to usure, the fiberglass coating is unlikely to degrade significantly before a few decades. It is guaranteed for the first 15 years.

Waterproofness: Because fiberglass is non-porous, it has no weaknesses that could lead to leaks over time. Given its flawless impermeability, it has proven its effectiveness in the boat, pool, and tank industries.

Thermal comfort: Fiberglass has a very high coefficient of thermal conductivity. For decades, it has been used to insulate homes. Because of its UV resistance, it absorbs up to 15°C below the slab, lowering the building’s energy costs.

Adaptability: Fiberglass is malleable and easily fits the various roof shapes. The coating thickness ranges from 2 to 4 mm, making it simple to apply to large surfaces.

Aesthetic finishes: A well-made fibreglass coating offers pleasant visual finishes. Available in 3 colors, it can also be suitable for the realization of terrace roofs or vegetated roofs (rooftops). Furthermore, it is simple to clean with pressurized water.


Application :

Several layers of polyester resin and glass mat are applied to achieve a strong and durable finish. The first layer of polyester resin is carefully applied to the surface with a roller or brush, ensuring even coverage. The second layer consists of glass mat coated with polyester resin, which must be installed without any creases and with an appropriate overlay. To achieve a smooth surface, the fibreglass is sanded to remove any imperfections. Finally, the Top Coat is applied, providing a protective layer that adds a finish and enhances the appearance of the product. Each step of this process is crucial for ensuring a high-quality and long-lasting end result.


Information sheet : download here




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GRP Waterproofing