Aquatal 5020

Experience the purity and health benefits of our Aquatal 5020 Water Ionizer with 5 plates, offering 4 alkaline levels, 1 purified, and 2 acidic pH levels, directly connected to your water supply for seamless hydration.

Transform your tap water with the Water Ionizer, providing multiple pH levels for optimal hydration and wellness.

Packing Size & weight: 17*11*26CM 7.5kg
Numbers of Plates: 5plates
Plate size: 7.9 * 4.3cm
Plates Material: Titanium with platinum coating
PH: 3.5~10.5(as per local water quality)
ORP: +300~-500MV(as per local water quality)
PH levels: 4 Alkaline, 1 purifed, 2 acid
Internal filters: 1 activated carbon filter
Display: PH, ORP, Flowrate, filter’s life time, process, 3.8″ 7-coloured LCD
Auto Cleaning function: Yes
Flow rate: 1.5-5L/MIN
Water supply method: Pipe with running water
Working TDS range: 50-1000 PPM

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