Aquatal 1423L

Introducing an elegant freestanding model, the Aquatal 1423L. Representing the next evolution in delivering pristine, refreshing water with unrivaled purity and clarity, ensuring a delightful drinking experience with each and every glass.

This freestanding model is a new generation of water dispenser that delivers clean, fresh water in every glass.

This water fountain is a fully automatic straight drink machine that is equipped with a reverse osmosis filter, making it ideal for spaces such as schools, offices, and waiting rooms.

Type: Free Standing Water Dispenser
Dispense: Hot& cold & Normal
Cooling  Capacity:5-10″C 2L/H 90W 3.2L
Heating Capacity:85-95C 5L/H 430W 1.5L
Production: Cold: 3L/H (10 °C) Hot 5L/H (95 °C)
Power usage: Cooling: 90W Hot: 430W
Dimension: 290 mm x 445 mm x 1140 mm / 19kgs
Loading Qty :344PCS/40’HQ


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