Aquatal 1388

Unveiling an exquisite countertop dispenser, the Aquatal 1388. This sophisticated water dispenser represents the latest advancement in delivering pure, invigorating water with unparalleled freshness, ensuring an elevated drinking experience that delights with every sip.    

This freestanding model is a new generation of water dispenser that delivers clean, fresh water in every glass. The water fountain produces 3 litres of chilled water per hour and 5 litres of hot water per hour, making it ideal for use in schools, offices, and waiting rooms.

Type: Counter top Water Dispenser
Dispense: Cold, Hot & Mix
Tank Capacity: Cold: 1,5L Hot: 1L
Production: Cold: 3L/H (10 °C) Hot: 5L/H (90 °C)
Power Usage: Cooling: 80W Hot: 500W
Dimension: 447 mm x 392 mm x 185 mm
Filtration: 3 stages



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