Akeron Magnesium

Akeron, our magnesium chlorinator, revolutionizes water disinfection by providing pristine and chemical-free water, ensuring a healthier and more enjoyable swimming experience.      

The magnesium chlorinator provides perfect water disinfection without chemicals. Its interactive backlit screen gives access to a 24 hour mode for variable speed pumps, to an integrated sleeping mode, to the possibility to adjust the duration of reverse polarity and also to dispay and to set up the salnity range.

Transparent cell patented with long-lasting anti-corrosion electrode lifetime.
Sleep-mode to program the shutdown of production.
24 hour mode variable speed pump compatible.
A large LCD screen perfectly readable permanently indicating the measured values and any alarms.
Reverse polarity, adjustable according to water hardness.
Boost Mode in the event of temporary overcrowding in the pool.




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