Security Pool Cover

The security pool cover, composed of resilient fabric tightly stretched over a series of aluminium bars, provides a robust and reliable protective barrier for your pool area.  

The Security pool cover consists of tough fabric stretched over a series of aluminium bars. It is pulled into position with a strap from the opposite end of the pool from where it is wound on and then locked down to pins in the deck with a ratcheting system. Depending on the size of the pool this can normally be done by one person. Easy to install, it is made from UV stabilised PVC coated polyester (580 g/m²).

The efficient sealing around its edges ensure your swimming pool remains clean through summer and winter.


Shuts out light thus slowing down the growth of algae and pathogenic micro-organisms and reducing considerably the use of chemicals.

For safety

straps and stainless steel fasteners along widths (simple and quick).


  • Available in 7 different colours (Blue, Dark Green, Almond Green, Tan, Sand , Grey, Carbon)
  • Complies with the NF P 90-308 standard
  • Includes a geared-down manual crank to unroll the cover
  • Bars made Anodised Aluminium
  • Not appropriate for infinity pools


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